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We are experts in...

Business Networking

Extensive connections between OEM, ODM, buyer and seller markets! Mengs works closely with major OEMs, ODMs, Retailers, and 3PSPs all over the globe. Mengs has extensive relationships with many of the top OEMs and ODMs in China and Taiwan. Mengs will connect you!

Sales Consulting

Mengs provides sales consulting to small and large companies. We help to improve our clients' sales productivity, performance, and profitability. We do this by creating a network of key contacts in order to help you in your sales cycle. Mengs will look at current sales processes, marketing initiatives, and networking techniques in order to help you achieve your goals!

Reverse Logistics

Mengs specializes in reverse logistics. From full RMA management to sales-out programs, we will support your operations. We will line you up with the best 3PSPs in your industry. Mengs will help you run leaner by incorporating Six Sigma Lean practices. This can help you turn a cost center into a profit center.

Product Liquidation

Mengs has an extensive database of buyers and sellers. Network includes individuals, companies, and government agencies. Mengs will help you sell all forms of business assets, including, but not limited to, notebooks, PCs, cell phones, networking hardware and many other products. Our expertise in understanding the requirements of selling in the secondary market allows us to achieve our goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Let us help you sell your product.

Business Analysis

We can help you run a leaner, meaner outfit. You don't have a growth problem, you have a revenue growth problem. How to do more with exactly what you have? You need to establish better links between business units and find synergies and efficiencies starting from product development, to manufacturing, to marketing, to distribution. Mengs helps reduce waste and overhead, and increases speed to market.

Telecommunications Consulting

Mengs Consulting provides full service telecom consulting solutions globally. We will help you successfully plan and implement all your telecommunication needs. Mengs will reduce your telecom costs and dramatically increase your productivity. We pride ourselves in keeping our clients on the forefront of technology.